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  • Name: JBZ-BG Paper Cup Packing Machine
  • Number: XL_008
  • Shelves time: 2012-06-07
  • Views : 313

JBZ-BG packing machine is multi-functional equipment developed according to market demand. It has functions of automatic paper feed, gluing, sealing, lower mouth rolling, lower mouth forming, automatic bowl lowering, spinning, covering, collection, photoelectric detection and fault alarm as well as advanced process, rational design and convenient operation and maintenance. It matches paper cup machine and paper bowl machine to produce direct-pasting, hollow and corrugated double layer cup by method of hot melting adhesion or ultrasonic adhesion according to outer packing method.

Technical Parameters

Model JBZ-BG
Production range 6-16oz paper cup;12-40oz paper bowl
Case material PE coated paper, coated duplex board with grey back
Rated productivity 32-45(pcs/min)
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Total power 4KW
Weight 2000kg
Packing size(L*W*H) 3100×1250×1600mm
Air Pressure Request 0.2m3min;0.6MPa (provided by customer)

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